Saturday, October 28, 2006

A Feast For The Eyes

As my Dad would have said. I remember him driving the endless trip from home to Farmington, Maine to drop off my sister in college, then to Orono with me, each Columbus Day weekend, and glorying at the foliage and saying "It's a feast for the eyes!" It drove me crazy. Now I have a deep respect for that. How can you not love the autumn? The colors, the smell in the air, the apples and pumpkin pie, the cool air and knowing it's time to knit warm things for those you love!

In H's mind, it means Halloween. He's still torn between being a skeleton, a zombie or Batman. He's Batman most of the time anyway, so that's not very exciting. A skeleton would be cool, but he's thinking if he was a ZOMBIE SKELETON he could wear the zombie robe AND the skeleton costume. But then Daddy showed him pictures of a superhero called Ghost Rider who is a skeleton in a leather jacket who rides a flaming motorcycle and, well, who knows. We'll probably end up scraping something together at 5:30 on the big day, as usual. But at least that works up my creative juices.

Right now H is "fixing" my sewing machine. Turning all the knobs, taking parts off. So he'd better not need a costume that involves sewing. I may never find all the pieces!

Things went great at the Fryeburg Fair. MJ and Annette both won blues for their crazy shrug and nipple sweater, respectively. In fact, MJ, as usual, won a pile of ribbons. At least two blues. She's amazing. And Annette, I'm so proud of her as well! Her sweater was the first thing she'd ever submitted to the fair, and she hit blue first time! My fair isle vest got a blue as well. I went through the expo hall going "ooh! That got a ribbon! Great job!" and Bill was like, "how do you know all these projects?" and I told him that many of them were worked on this summer in our back room. Haha.

Enough for now. Enjoy what's left of October. I'll try to be more vigilant about posting in future. Maybe I'll finish Bill's socks sometime before New Years!

Till next time,