Sunday, August 31, 2008

Another 'also ran'

Well the Ravelympics didn't work out for me. Watching the opening ceremonies, during the "parade of nations" portion, one of the announcers said something like, "of course the majority of these athletes come here with NO HOPE of a medal..."

What a jerk. I'm sitting there, with my endless knitting project, and my broken damn foot, and these people were AT THE OLYMPICS! It shouldn't matter that they may not be number one, two or three... I find it amazing that they can be number 25! Or 12! Or 18! Or moreso, 4!!! When are we going to learn to appreciate these "also rans?"

Well, I didn't even finish the back of the sweater. But I haven't given up, I hope to finish it for Christmas.

Right now, I have about four co-workers expecting babies. Maybe five. I can't remember. But I've found a really nice baby blanket pattern on line, which I have adapted and adjusted. It initially called for 2 strands of worsted yarn, size 10 needles, and a rather substantial size. I hate working with 2 strands of yarn (it's a waste, honestly!) and I really only wanted something that was small enough to be thrown over a baby or tot in a stroller or car seat. It's cold up here, and I remember tucking H into his carseat and wishing I had a smaller blanket than the ones I had.

So... I've adjusted it to 400 yards of worsted, size 9 needles, and a finished size of 22x28 inches. Once I finish the one I'm working on, I'll post a picture. I also dyed the yarn (Knit Picks Superwash Merino-BARE) with Kool-Aid to make each one more individual. It's really cute.

Gotta go now.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Summer of the Gimp

Regarding my last post, which was months and months ago... Ice Out at our house was officially May 12, 2008. Scary.

Well, here it is, August already, and what have I been doing this summer? Well, I started my summer like this:

Then moved on to phase two, which looked like this:

And now I'm in the fun ankle-brace, cane and physical therapy portion of the program. It looks like this and involves STEEL REINFORCEMENT. No, really.

Friday, June 13 (honestly!) I took the bottom step of the stairs (here at the house) just... wrong... and managed to sprain my ankle. Sprained it so well, in fact, that the tendon ripped a piece of bone off what they believe to be the "cuboid" which sounds more like a Lego than a bone to me. But the point is I broke a tiny bone in my foot and have spent the last 8 weeks recuperating. It's nothing I'd recommend, and fortunately it's been a very wet, very cool summer so I haven't missed out on too much. Bill had to chauffer me for five weeks or so (it's my driving foot, of course) and that was trying. But I've got my wheels back, and now the physical therapists are having their wicked way with me and leading me into new experiences of pain and torture (different than Bill's driving).

I'll do another update later this week, on my RAVELYMPICS 2008 event project. Currently, it looks like this:

I have until the closing ceremonies in Beijing to complete it. It's a sweater for Bill, so the odds are not good.

Catch ya later: