Thursday, September 13, 2007

Brother Sweaters

Holy Heck! I finished something! I finished TWO somethings! Here are H and Harris Bear in their "brother sweaters"--a pair of button-front hoodies.

The last time I knit a sweater for Harris (a beautiful "Superman Blue" cable front sweater) the bear wouldn't wear it because "it itched" him. It was done in Wool-Ease worsted. THIS time I went for a really cool-looking blue Bernat Camoflage, all... acrylic. I got the yarn during a New Year's run to Patternworks with my Homegirls. My Knitting Sisters, MJ & Sherri. Started the sweater in the winter. Finished in the fall. Not bad for me! The bigger sweater, for those interested, is from The Yarn Girls' kids book, for ages 4-12. The pattern is called "Supersize Me" and is designed for 2 strands of Koigu, which not only is expensive (although amazing) but would have ended up covered in yogurt, mud, ketchup and shrunk down to fit a baby doll after accidentally ending up in the washer (not that it's happened before or anything... I still mourn you, purple mohair cardi...)

Harris' was an afterthought. I whipped it up last Sunday during the Patriots' game. I hate football, but it's good knitting time. The boys agreed that they'd think it was cool to have matching sweaters, and that in the Camoflage, even Harris would wear it. H has never been a sweater kid, which is kinda tragic, but maybe my fortunes are about to change, he's been really interested and accommodating with this one, even when I've dragged him away from Bionicle mayhem for fittings.

Saturday we're doing the Walk for the Animals for the Conway Area Humane Society. Harris is coming. Hopefully we won't have any trouble with his new Baldness Ray powers with all those dogs around. Harris doesn't like dogs. Maybe I should get him some shades like Cyclops in the X-Men has...

Ta, I'm very tired tonight and now I'm gibbering.


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